Manasamarthyadata YouTube Channel

Over the last few days I have observed many of my Shraddhavan friends sharing videos of Anubhav Kathan which have been uploaded on Manasamarthyadata YouTube channel titled "Manasamarthyadatavid" 

A few of the Shraddhavans have also subscribed to this "Manasamarthyadatavid" channel. The eagerness of the shraddhavans to view the videos can be gauged by the increasing number of hits the channel has got till now (over 26000 video views). 
I too have subscribed to this channel and have found the following advantages :

1) Whenever a video is uploaded a notification to this effect is sent on the subscriber's email.

2) All Videos related to Narration of personal experience of Param Pujya Bapu's grace (Anubhav Kathan) can be viewed from a Central location.

3) I therefore expect all my Shraddhavan friends to subscribe to this channel and avail of this wonderful opportunity to its fullest.

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